Thoughts on Building a New House, Part Four: Value

 Now, as I type, the sun sets in the west and we reap the benefit of seeing light reflect off the pond towards the east. The trees are lit, it seems, from within and it makes me glad that we said “yes” way back when.  This is a magical place or so it seems

Of course it came with a cost.  Before we said yes, we tried to estimate what a house like this might cost.  I drew plans and did my own cost estimate and then a local contractor friend did a separate estimate.  His estimate was more than mine.  And we chose to believe mine, fools that we were/are.  Don’t we always want to believe the best about the situations that affect us?  Surely it couldn’t be as bad as all that, right?  Wrong.  It ended up costing even more than my friend’s estimate.  As I witness the light as it sets and lights up the creek, and as I feel the breeze winding its way thru the house (windows open), I wonder what that might have cost, but not really.  It’s lovely.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011 at 3:09PM